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Paul Cadiente, Board Chair

Paul has experience working with trade unions, HIV/AIDS organizations and the LGBT community. One of his current profession focus is being a speaker and activist within the trade union movement, and he is committed to bringing basic human and worker rights to the workplace. He is also passionate about his work in the mental health community, where he brings meaningful employment to those who would otherwise face employment barriers and challenges.

Paul Fernandez, Vice Chair

Paul was co-opted to serve as the PHA representative on the Board of ACAS in November, 2013. He has been a PHA member of ACAS since 2006. He brings with him a wealth of experience in advocacy for marginalized populations. His initial focus was on LGBT advocacy, and, since his HIV diagnosis in 2006, on issues affecting PHAs, working with a number of ASOs including CAAT, as well as ACAS itself. Paul is particularly interested in issues of mental health, and mental well being as they affect marginalized populations. Specifically, he is keen on quality of life issues, which he feels to be a priority for PHAs. Paul hopes that his continued service on the Board of ACAS will help to strengthen the groundwork previously laid out so that ACAS’ PHA clients may take an even more active role in education around, and measures towards their own mental well being so that they may continue to thrive further. He hopes to accomplish this by working more closely with the support team to implement such programs.

Janice Kuan, Secretary

Have been with ACAS since 2009 when I moved to Canada from Sydney, Australia. I was looking for an Asian Community that I could be a part of and found ACAS through Mr Goo (google). Since then it has opened up my social circle with priceless friendships and invaluable experiences as a board member for the past 2 years. With my financial knowledge and experience, I hope I can continue contributing to ACAS.

Steven Shi, Treasurer

Steven Shi is a marketing and communications professional with Desjardins Group. Prior to working in the financial services industry, he also had extensive experience in broadcasting media (Fairchild Media Group Vancouver) and held various marketing and business development roles with notable multinationals such as Sony Music.

Being one of the first gay men to come out on the Internet in China, Steven has always passionate about LGBT causes. Inspired by his friend and mentor Dr. Alan Li, Steven started volunteering at ACAS for various programs since he moved to Toronto in 2013. He was elected Treasurer of the ACAS Board in 2015 and by default also took on the role of the Fundraising Committee Chair. Since then, he worked closely with the staff and board members on several successful fundraising campaigns including CelebrAsian Banquet, Scotiabank Waterfront Run and WET 2017 Asian Men Charity Calendar.

Steven hopes to continue improving the fundraising ROI at ACAS and looks forward to working as part of the Board Executive Committee to tackle the challenges in strategic planning and sustainability.

Jazzmine Manalo, Director

Since 2004, Jazzmine has been a workshop facilitator at The 519 Church Street Community Center’s “TRANS ACCESS”project aimed at providing access to transgender/ transsexual women whose needs are not met and advocating for their rights.  Jazzmine is presently a Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors at Silayan Community Centre, which provides assistance and referrals to new immigrants in Canada to help them adapt to the new life, and connects with seniors in the community by providing activities, events and all forms of entertainment. She served as Vice-Chair of ACAS Board of Directors for 6 years under the leaderships of Andre Goh and Grace Listkowski. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing and Management from Philippine School of Business Administration in Quezon City, Philippines. pregnancy and sexuality.

Elene Lam, Director

Elene Lam (LLM, LLB, MSW, BSW) who has advocated for the sex workers, migrant, labour and gender justice for more than 15 years. She is a Founder and Director of Butterfly (Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Support Network) and Co-Founder and Co-Director of Migrant Sex Workers Project in Canada. After joining ACAS in 2013, I have been co-facilitated workshops of women program of ACAS on sexual health and eliminate discrimination against LGBTQ communities and people with HIV/AIDS.

Alan Tang, Director

Alan Tang has an advanced diploma in Human Resources at George Brown College. After 3 years of study there, he decided to further his education at Ryerson University. Alan is the 3rd year student studying business management, majoring in Human Resources. Alan is very sociable, great with networking, and someone who always takes initiative when an opportunity arises. He is affiliated with ACAS through volunteering as an outreach worker for QAY and also QAY being the first medium he used to come out to the scene in Toronto. He believes that with his networking skills and a different perspective on how to help grow ACAS would be a great asset to the board of directors.

Derek Yee, Director

Born in Trinidad Derek came to Canada in the 1970’s as a young child. Derek has faced many challenges growing up in the LGBT community. Derek is a proud long term survivor who has experienced a multitude of  HIV/AIDS related challenges and has built resiliency over the many  years and learnt the importance of developing research strategies. In 2004 Derek participated in A CAAT ( Committee  for Accessible AIDS Treatment) research project which lead me to become a KTE (Knowledge Transfer and   Exchange Ambassador for CAAT. This lead to my involvement with the CHAMP project CAAT and later as the Legacy project coordinator with CAAT 2009- 2012 Derek implemented practices into developing mentoring relationships.

Derek presently is on the Casey House  Community Advisory Committee for the past 5 years and 4 years with being on the ETSN (Ethno-racial Treatment Network) advisory committee with CAAT.  Derek have attended and graduated from PLDI (Positive leadership Development Institute) with the OAN ( Ontario AIDS Network)  and TTOA (Turning to One Another) ABRPO (Aids Bereavement and Resiliency Project of Ontario).

Derek was a past board member for 6 years and was the previous Chair of ACAS at the end of his term. Derek first got involved with the Board through practicing the GIPA (Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS) values and now will like to renew his commitment to the practice of empowering People living with HIV/AIDS.

Giovanni Temansja, Ex-officio

Giovanni’s passion and commitment to ACAS can be traced back to his strong sense of belonging in the Asian LGBTQ community through his involvement and participation in various charities and community initiatives. During his tenure as a Chair, he brought to ACAS his broad experience in board governance, program policy analysis, development and implementation, financial analysis and forecasting, as well as stakeholder management skills.